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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

A great many visitors and travellers rush to Canada consistently to visit loved ones or to simply encounter Canada’s regular excellence. Affirm Immigration can help you too with our fast Canada Visit Visa administrations. The Canada visit visa is allowed for a time of a half year and is either a single passage or different section visas.

Canada Visitor visa is an authority record/stamp attach to your identification that shows to Canadian Authorities that you have met/fulfilled the allowable prerequisites to enter Canada as a visitor or vacationer for the momentary reason. You have the choice to apply for Canada visitor/traveller visa Electronically or by paper-based application.

How long would you be able to remain in Canada on the Canada Tourist/Visitor visas: 

On the Canada Visitor visa/Tourist visa, you are permitted to remain for a half year from the date of Entry; nonetheless, visa legitimacy is possibly ten years.

Canada doesn’t treat all worldwide visitors the equivalent; residents of specific nations will have a more easy necessity to entering Canada than others.

You should meet some fundamental necessities to get a visitor visa. You should be:

Certifiable Visitor:

While the movement official is exploring your Canada vacationer/visitor visa application, the essential inquiry in the visa official’s brain is: “Will this individual re-visitation of their own country before the visitor visa terminates?”. So being a candidate, you should fulfil that you are a veritable visitor visa.

Monetary Capacity:

The fundamental prerequisite to apply for Canada Visitor/Tourist visa application is keeping up with adequate assets to help your visit to Canada? Despite the fact that Canada has not distributed rules on how much finances you have in your record to apply for Canada’s vacationer and visitor visa.

Nonetheless, attempt to keep up with CAD 1000/ – each month to help your Canada visit.

Do you realize IRCC denied over 51% of visitor/traveller visa applications in the year 2018 because of Insufficient assets or the candidate can’t present their asset’s archives to the IRCC case official?

Travel history:

Assume you need to apply for a Canada visitor visa/vacationer visa. Your past movement history assumes a huge part. Assume you have made a trip to Canada or different nations and got back to your nation of origin before the visa expiry date. All things considered; you will have higher opportunities to get a Canada visitor/vacationer visa endorsed.

Adequate reports:

The IRCC regularly talks with visitor/traveller visa up-and-comers; the choice is totally founded on your application document, in spite of the fact that IRCC distributes the Canada visitor visa agenda on their site. Regularly, candidates commit errors by submitting just those reports, those records alone are sufficiently not to make your application more grounded or probably won’t have the option to persuade the visa office that you are a veritable visitor.

Give extra archives, for example,

  • Evidence you will leave Canada toward the finish of the supported stay.
  • Evidence you have the monetary way to keep up with your family or self and get back.
  • You don’t represent a security or danger to the Canadian public.
  • Do you really focus on mature relatives? Get proof of your obligations.


The Canada Visit Visa measure expects you to meet the accompanying standards:

  • Candidates should demonstrate that they have adequate assets to help themselves and their families for the whole time of their visit
  • Candidates should not mean to look for or attempt a task
  • Candidates ought to have no criminal record and plan to stringently follow the laws of the country
  • Candidates from specific nations might require an impermanent inhabitant visa
  • You might have to meet certain more section prerequisites dependent on your profile